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What Is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is the act of speculating on the price change of global financial instruments, including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and shares. It is one of the most popular ways to trade on price change over several securities.

Traders choose a direction of a particular market and place a stake per point on the trade. Thus, the trader earns an additional multiple of their stake for every 1 point the price increases beyond the buy price.

What Is Leverage?

Leverage is the amount of money that a broker lends you to increase the potential return of a particular investment. Leverage trading can enhance your profits but also increase your risk. That's why you should make sure you understand how much you are risking with each position and use a risk management strategy that protects you against rapid market change.

Our leverage rates for every financial instrument for the standard account start from 1:2 to 1:100. So if it's 1:10, it means that you only have to deposit 10% of the asset's total value to open a position, allowing you to trade with 10x leverage.

What Is Margin?

Margin is just like collateral. Traders need to deposit it in their trading account to profit from leverage.

When you use margin in spread betting, you can open a position by only depositing a part of the total value of the order.

That means that your profits or losses will be amplified, and you could lose all of your capital or multiply it. Profits and losses depend on the total value of the order.

How Does Spread Betting Work?

In the case of spread betting, you don't buy or sell the financial security (for instance, an index or pair). Instead, you place a bet based on your expectations about the price of an instrument.

If you predict that the value of a share or commodity will rise, you may open a long position (buy). In addition, if you forecast the share or commodity will fall in value, you may take a short position (sell).

In this way, you will make a profit or loss based on whether or not the market moves in your chosen direction.

Spread betting trading benefits?

Millions of traders choose spread betting every day, and they have good reasons to do so. Here is what you can benefit from being one of them too:

Spread betting tips

You can use different methods and strategies that suit your trading style. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some crucial tips to maximize your trading potential: 

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The Best Spread Betting Strategies

When using this strategy, you need to identify areas where trends are going to change direction. You can bet the price will fall or rise, but only if your prediction is contrary to the current market direction.

To profit from reversal spread betting, you need to take advantage of all tools and indicators that BTC EU provides. You need to analyze the market in the long term. Figure out what factors have affected the market before and how much. Will these factors occur again? What’s the probability that they will affect the market in the same way as before? Answer all these questions, and then place your bet.

“This strategy uses technical analysis to find the trend. The trader then places a bet in line with it. It is the opposite of the reversal spread betting strategy. You can use the tools available to you to identify the trend of a market. Again you should carefully watch the market and all the economic and geopolitical events and news and determine how your market reacts to them.

Then, by using the BTC EU Economic Calendar, you can see ahead in the future for particular events that can affect your market. It would also help if you remained alert as trends can change in an instant. 

This strategy involves entering a trend as early as you can by using the price breaking out. Breakout spread betting is based on the belief that some price levels foreshadow a specific movement or an expansion of volatility.

You need to carefully watch the market to identify the resistance and support levels. Resistance and support levels are set price levels that indicate a future change if the prices stay between them for a particular time. Traders enter a long position (buy) if the price breaks above resistance.

They enter a short position (sell) if the price breaks below support. Entering the trade at the right time enables you to take advantage of the trend from beginning to end. To use this strategy easily, use your limit-entry orders at the identifying price points. Then, if the market moves, the order is automatically placed. 

When using this strategy, traders enter a position based on news and market expectations. Some news can affect the price or value of a particular security. For instance, if the news talks about the possibility of a company going bankrupt or for the damages a company causes to the environment, it is expected that their stock price will fall. So, in this strategy, it is essential to access and evaluate information quickly.

To succeed using news-based spread betting, you need to:
Approach each news update and markets as individuals
Design a strategy for each type of news
Evaluate the way markets react to the news and keep in mind these patterns for future events

Use our Economic Calendar and real-time news to keep up with worldwide events to help with this strategy. 

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