Managing Risk

Manage the risk of trading and start trade like a pro with BTC EU.

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The biggest risks you may encounter

Market risk

Whether you buy or sell an asset or bet on its movement, you hope that its value will move in the direction most favorable to you. However, even the most experienced traders can be proven wrong. Unexpected information, changes in market conditions, and government policy can cause quick changes. That may cause you to lose your money.

Gap risk

This type of risk comes into play whenever a break in trading happens. Sometimes an asset opens at a price significantly higher or lower than its previous close, and sometimes it trades right through your exit price. For instance, an asset may close at $25 a share today and open tomorrow morning at $20.

Liquidity risk

Liquidity risk is the possibility of trading an asset at a worse price than you first anticipated. For instance, when trying to sell an illiquid asset, you may struggle to find a buyer, meaning that you have to sell it for less than its current market value. That is generally more of an issue in emerging or low-volume markets, where there may not be enough people in the market to trade with.

Losing all the money

Markets can be volatile, moving quickly and unexpectedly in reaction to announcements, events, or traders' behaviors. Due to unexpected changes, especially if you have put all the eggs in one basket, you may end up losing all your money. In the case of spread betting, you may lose (or gain) even more money than your account has.

Minimize the risk by using the
great features BTC EU provides


With BTC EU, you don't have to worry about sudden market changes and huge losses. Set a stop-loss and secure your position automatically if the market moves against you. In this case, your order will be closed out as soon as adverse movements are noticed.

Price Alerts

Stay up-to-date with every change. Set price alerts for the instruments you want, and we will notify you by text or email when it reaches your specified price. You can use price alerts to notify you about resistance and support levels when using the breakout strategy.

Trailing Stop

Maybe the best thing about BTC EU is the trailing stop feature. Set a trailing stop when you open a position, and this feature will move with your profit. If the market deviates, your position will close out at your trailing stop's new level. So you can lock in profits without the need to change your stop manually.

Guaranteed Stop

BTC EU enables you to close your order based on price levels also. Put a guaranteed stop to your order, so it will be closed out precisely at the price you specified. In this way, you can control your losses and ensure you don't lose all your money in your account.

Limit Order

This feature is for traders that don't have enough time. Yes, we have thought about you too. Set a limit order together with your profit target, and we will close your position for you when the price hits your preferred level. That's called a limit order.

Profit Target

That's a feature that enables you to know your profit or loss. You can observe all the time the visible balance snapshot in our platform and react if the market moves against your interests.

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