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Why trade Indices with BTC EU?

The most valuable Indices

BTC EU provides the most valuable and major Indices to trade: AUD200, DE30, ESP35, F40, IT40, JP225, N25, STOXX50, SWI20, UK100, US30, US500, USTEC, and WIG20.INDEX. Choose between the most wanted Indices in the market and start investing.

Lower risk

Trading Indices means reducing the risk; Trading Indices with BTC EU means having the lowest risk level possible. That's because we have chosen the most valuable and successful Indices in the global market.

Many ways of trading

In BTC EU, you can trade Indices through futures, simple buy and sell, and Spread Betting. In this way, you have more chances to profit and choose the trading way that suits you most.

Excellent leverage ratio

If you choose to speculate about price changes, you can take advantage of excellent leverage ratios to multiply your profit.BTC EU offers up to a 1:600 leverage ratio.

Total transparency

BTC EU provides total transparency throughout the entire order process. You can see all the time the open and pending orders you have, closed orders, and statistics about your account (sum of total trades, average profit/loss per trade, etc.)

Fast order execution

With BTC EU, most of your orders will be executed in less than 10 ms with total transparency and no commissions. This speed considerably reduces the risk of having an order filled at a different level to the one you requested.

24/5 support

BTC EU cares about its clients' experience and is aware it is a crucial factor in their success. Hence, we provide 24/5 customer support from 9 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday. And there is nothing we can't solve.

Accurate and real-time data

BTC EU team of experts in the financial markets prepares or revises all the data and information you find on our website and platform. When trading, it's vital to make data-based decisions, and we make sure you do.

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What are Indices?

An index is the combination of the values of many shares. Their combination creates one aggregate value.

BTC EU provides the most valuable and major Indices to trade: AUD200, DE30, ESP35, F40, IT40, JP225, N25, STOXX50, SWI20, UK100, US30, US500, USTEC, and WIG20.INDEX.

You can trade Indices through Spread Betting, simple buy and sell, and futures. "

How do I trade Indices?

In the case of spread betting, the profit you make depends on how close your predictions were to the Index value when you close your position.

With simple buy and sell, you buy an Index and sell it later, hopefully with a higher price, and vice versa.

While, when you buy futures, you agree to purchase an Index at a specific price, date, and time in the future, no matter the market price in the future.

Benefits of Indices trade

One of the main benefits of Indices trade is the lower risk. That's because Indices are stable and don't fluctuate. They also can't go bankrupt.

An Index is like a basket of shares. By trading Indices, you diversify your portfolio without investing in many markets and financial instruments.

You can benefit from leverage. So, you can open a high position with a small amount of capital and multiply your profit.

Where do I trade?

BTC EU is not just an informative site. We have developed the optimal trading platform with a unique and yet simple interface: Webtrader.

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