How do we make money?

BTC EU makes its money through its spreads. Like no other trading company, we don’t apply commissions or fees for deposits and withdrawals. We will never sacrifice a long-lasting relationship with a client for a small, one-time profit.

You can always contact us at [email protected] if you need any help. We have got your back 24hrs a day from 9 am Monday to 10 pm Friday.

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Where does our income come from?

We earn money through the spreads that we add to the market prices. The costs of any trade depend on the offer and the bid price. So you will always buy slightly higher than the market price and sell slightly below it. This difference is our income.

Let's suppose the UK100 is trading at 6545.5 and has a 0.1 spread. This index might have an offer price of 6545.6 and a bid price of 6545.4. No matter the price you agree to sell (6545.6 or 6545.4), our profit will be 0.1.

Do we profit from your losses?

No. Our earnings depend on spreads only. So, whether you close a position with profit or losses, our income will be the same. We profit if a client enters a trade, no matter if they lose or profit. So, it's in our best interest that clients enter as many tradings as possible. For that to happen, we need to ensure they profit from their previous orders.

That's why it is in our best interest you make a profit and don't lose your money. We have done everything possible to help you multiply your money and trade successfully.

In the case of Spread Betting, most of our clients offset each other's position. For instance, if client X buys one lot of the UK 100, client Y sells one lot of the UK 100. That means we are don't profit from the win or loss of either client (one loss will eliminate the costs of the other profit).

When most of our clients bet in one direction (for example, buy UK 100), we protect our funds by buying UK 100 futures. That's because if an asset is on-demand today, its price will increase soon.

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