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Why trade Forex with BTC EU?

Three currency pairs

BTC EU provides three currency pairs: minor pairs, major pairs, and exotic pairs. The choice is yours. Either you choose the cross-currency pairs, the most popular pairs, or rare pairs, we don't limit your chances to profit.

Total transparency

BTC EU provides total transparency throughout the entire order process. You can see all the time the open and pending orders you have, closed orders, and statistics about your account (sum of total trades, average profit/loss per trade, etc.)

Many ways to trade

You can choose to trade in the forex market by exchanging one currency for another (buy or sell pairs), ETFs, futures, and Spread Betting. In this way, you have more chances to profit by choosing the trading way that suits you most.

Great ways to manage risk

Minimize the risk by using great tools, like stop-loss, price alerts, trailing stop, guaranteed stop, limit order, and profit target. Use these tools to trade like a pro with BTC EU.

Excellent leverage ratio

If you choose to speculate about price changes through spread betting, you can take advantage of excellent leverage ratios to multiply your profit. BTC EU offers up to a 1:600 leverage ratio.

Fast order execution

With BTC EU, most of your orders will be executed in less than 10 ms with total transparency and no commissions. This speed considerably reduces the risk of having an order filled at a different level to the one you requested.

50+ currency pairs

BTC EU offers countless chances to profit. You can choose between many ways to trade, three currency pairs, and more than 50 currency pairs. That means you don't have to limit yourself and choose to invest in the pairs you want.

Dynamic charts

The live data that presents the financial markets are dynamic. That means you have many options about how they are shown, like chart type, the time frame, in comparison with another security, and more.

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What is Forex trading?

"Forex Trading is the trading of two currencies with one another. They are exchanged in a pair, which is the report between them.

This report shows the value of a currency pair and compares the value of the two currencies between each other.

You can trade pairs only in lots, categorized in three ways, micro, mini, and standard. Meanwhile, your profit will depend on the pip level. A pip is the smallest price move that a pair can make.

How do I trade in the Forex market?

"In the forex market and BTC EU, you can trade in many ways: exchanging currencies, futures, ETFs, and Spread Betting.

Trading ETFs means you take part in a managed fund and trade a basket of currency pairs or just one.

Spread Betting means you can speculate in which direction pairs value will move. In this case, you place a bet about the pair's value movement, and make a profit if your prediction is correct.

Exchange currencies means buying a currency with another and futures is buying a currency with another in a future date and price set now.

Benefits of Forex trading

The forex market is the most liquid one. So, whatever assets you have, you can sell them fast with a limited effect on their value.

In Spread Betting, you can benefit from leverage. So, you can open a high position with a small amount of capital and multiply your profit.

The forex market is volatile. That means you have many chances to profit from different movements of prices. If you genuinely understand what affects pairs' value, you can undoubtedly earn from these changes.

Where do I trade?

BTC EU is not just an informative site. We have developed the optimal trading platform with a unique and yet simple interface: Webtrader.

It is simple to use, and it provides all the tools, information, and data you need to become a successful trader.

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